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@ i have another exam tomorrow. haven’t started studying yet. time check: 9:45PM. napaka unproductive.

@ wala nanaman akong $$$$$$. i just bought gifts for my dormmates awhile ago. naaadik nanaman ako sa dvd. grabe. >___>

@ CONFUSED nanaman ako. what’s hindering me from making up my mind about shifting? clearly, the taunting procedures posted at the ceat building should be of no importance if i am really determined to shift out of this blasted course.

@ I WANT TO TAKE FINE ARTS, major in ADVERTISING. visual communication interest me a lot. what’s happening now is tinitiis ko lang yung course ko. sorry, i wasn’t born with the right genes fit for an engineer. i personally honed my mind to work better in the abstract world. technicalities annoy me. i am more inclined with the relative and the subjective. the truth that i search for is unknown and i’m enjoying pondering on that field.

@ I HAVE TO MAKE UP MY MIND. evertime i think of shifting out, i feel saaaaad. parang ayokong iwan ang UPLB. napamahal na kasi ako dito. i don’t want to leave my friends, my DORMATES, THE ORG (believe if or not, it’s the only reason why i’m proud to say i’m taking up chemical engineering)… huhuhu super mamimiss ko lahat ng yan.

@ it was a mistake to tie so much bonds with this place, it only makes my departure harder to accept. >__>;

@ i’m not sure if i’ll ever make it big in the real world. there’s so much competition involved. so much crap and trash-talking. parang it’s not practical to stay ‘good’ when the world dictates that it takes an ounce of immorality to succeed. one can never reach the peak of his carreer without a single person harmed. it is impossible to cater to your fellowmen’s need with a selfish motive.

@ i missed writing. i seriously think i need to attend workshops to enrich whatever is left of my writing skills. i’m thinking of joining another org, UPLB Pantas. i just want to get access to workshops… that’s all.

@ i want to have a laptop na! super naiinip na ako! for sure, i’m going to have more writing time when i get one. 🙂

@ nafa-fascinate ako sa es-991 calculator ng casio.

@ i can’t feel Christmas!!! grabe.

for my wishlist

# DVD ng Coffee Prince (korean series) with english subtitles
# DVD ng Gravitation (anime series)
# a Hello Kitty Pillow
# Red low rise Chuck’s.
# a pack of starr candy (previously stork, yung green..)
# chocolates (safari, anything imported… ferrero! ♥)
# lots of shirts! statement shirts… 🙂
# pants
# slippers
# something from The TShirt Factory or Spoof (ung starbucks and tag heuer spoof)
# a cute analogue watch. yung hindi metal… 🙂
# a feng shui bracelet.
# gift check from starbucks
# metallic pens (my metal: pink, blue, silver, purple)