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it should be a happy birthday for my friend!

if antonio trillanes weren’t good-looking enough, i wouldn’ve cursed him to the pits of hell but hahahaha i like him! not because i agree that he should seize a hotel just to deliver his grievances to the government but because he’s good-looking (for me). bwahahaha

still, i hate what he just did yesterday. did you know how much time it took us to travel from UP Los Banos to Home? 6 FREAKIN HOURS, MAN. my sister and i boarded the bus at 5, and 2 hours later, we’re still in Laguna. fuck the traffic. we’ve finished our mega sized tortillos and have dreamt a lot already and we’re still in laguuunnnaaaaaa. miles away from the expressway. and when we got there, our patience was tested still. traffic nanaman! plus! it took us another hour to reach the PNP Checkpoint and when we got there, we were like “WHAAAT?!??!? NASA CHECKPOINT PALANG TAYO???????” it clearly is a bad idea to travel that night.

we arrived at megamall at around 930 and when we went out the bus we were like, “Praise God! Steaming Chicken Teriyaki and Miso Soup + unli Rice, HERE WE COME!!!!”

but lo and behold! we’ve begged the guards enough to let us in but noooooooooo! they won’t allow anyone to enter the mall anymore! and what is to be blamed???

then of course, it all boils to down to Trillanes ♥

so we have no choice but to go home without eating. i’m starving, my head hurts, and my sister is throwing tantrums already because she’s hungry too. she’s one hell of a monster when her stomach isn’t full. >____>

eventully, our parents fetched us off at fairview caltex, we bought food on the way and thank God, we’re home! finally!