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Problem Set #1

answer neatly and orderly. present in a bluebook. due date to be announced.

1. your crush seems to like your best friend, and not you. calculate the percent hate you feel towards your friend.

2. your dream is to take any communication or business course but you landed on a totally foreign area, the blasted world of engineering. at which rate is your life span decreasing, assuming you entered college at age 16?

3. arianne, weighing 55kg and walking at a pace of 0.35 m/s collided with her crush, ryan – weighing 60kg, 5’10” in height, and walking at a pace of 0.5 m/s. assuming a totally ridiculous, perfectly inelastic collision, what would be the resulting velocity of the two entities? Also, what are the chances that arianne would go home without squealing?

4. prove that squareroot of -1 is not imaginary.

5. if you are a curve with equation y = x^3 + 12x^2 – 4 and your crush is a tangent line whose normal line’s slope is y = x, at what point in the cartesian plane will you meet? if there is any, that is.

6. you BADLY wanted to shift courses but realized that you cannot reach the grade requirement of the course you are planning to take, much worse you are faced with the dilemma that you might fail 9 out of the 20 units you took this semester, which makes you eligible to be one of UP’s most delinquent freshmen. you decided to walk your way to Carillon Tower, fully depressed and surrounded with a negative aura. What are the chances that you are NOT thinking of suicide? Also, if you are walking at a pace of 0.25 m/s on a straight path, how much force is needed to knock you off and stop you from heading to the tower?

7. arianne is facing ‘The Great Depression’, out of these items: a choloate bar, a cup of coffee, and a bottle of beer – which do you think will she take? if it’s chocolate, how much are you willing to spend for it? if it’s a cup of coffee, which brand would you give her? if it’s a bottle of beer, are you willing to drink with her? compute for the average number of bottles it would take to knock off either of your first (supposing it’s san mig light. lol).

8. arianne has already reached the maximum number of absences in one of her subjects (true!). if she takes one more act of negligence (or laziness, rather) she would be forced drop. luckily, even if she drops this subject, it wouldn’t be accounted in her overall academic standing, but she has to apply for the same course next sem. what is this mandatory (not to mention a complete time waster and siesta spoiler) subject she is despondently talking about?

9. suppose arianne lit a cigarette with length 4 inches and the time it took her to finish smoking is 3x^2 – 2x + 7. calculate the rate at which the stick is being consumed, assuming that she finished smoking when the cigarrete is already 5/4 inches short.

10. after smoking, she suddenly became nuts and went to drink alone. she finished 2 bottles of redhorse and decided to go to LB Square to meet with her blocmates. Normally (when she’s sober), it would only take her x^2 + 3x + 2 minutes to get there (point of origin: dormitory) but since she’s drunk, the time it took her to reach the square increased by 5 minutes. how far is the dormitory from the square?


ay, nababaliw na ko. i just made that up, neglecting the feasibility of the situation and the answers that could possibly come out. some numbers can be answered methodically, but the resulting values are not assured to be humanly possible. i mean, haller, hindi ko uubusin ang oras ko para i-solve ang problem set na yan, although ako ang gumawa.

but you see, there is an underlying meaning to this problem set. it is indeed a Problem Set. isang malaking lipon ng mga problemang nakakatamad harapin. and if you look at it closely (it’s pretty obvious anyway), it revolves around my horrendous, dreadful, abominable, shuddersome, distressing, formidable and hideous academic/university life (credits to: www.thesaurus.com).