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one down, more to go

it’s no use slashing off exams from my calendar because they seem to propagate infintitely, pulling me closer and closer to the student disciplinary board. well, i don’t seem to care much if i get a warning or two next sem for failing some of my workloads, i wouldn’t even care if get dismissed! lol

we had our integrated 3rd and 4th exam in chem32 awhile ago. it was fucking hard. i’d curse someone who thinks it easy to eternal damnation. i hardly slept just to finish the scope of this retard subject, and when i read the problem set it seems that they (for the nth time) morphed into a next-level monster! fuck. whoever deserves that.

hmmm. same old rant.
i never learn, do i?

i have a lot to do:
– study for the blasted physics exam on monday
– do the fucking postlab for chem40 (tuesday)
– do freakin props for our demo on LTS1. i hate it when i’m actually exerting effort on a subject with zero units. >_>
– study for the 3rd chem40 exam (wednesday)
– do a ‘creative’ schematic diagram for the practical test, and hope to get a little incentive for it. i’m failing.

haaay. i missed sleeping.

i wonder why i don’t feel comfortable with them altogether. they know very well i can’t cope with their towering minds, well, they don’t care anyway. but hell, i hate it! all they ever talk about when they’re together is their academic standings. i can’t stand it… because,
a) in the first place, i have nothing to be proud of. my bluebooks all go to trash once i receive them.
b) they (of maybe it’s just HE) sound so mayabang and that’s naturally intolerable
c) and lastly, i feel like they’d drop someone who couldn’t keep up with them. and i’m definitely that someone.

oy, wag kang feelingero.