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decide first whether you have a better head or a better heart

“if your head tells you one thing, and your heart tells you another… before you do anything… decide first whether you have a better head or a better heart” – quote

whenever i receive quotes like that, i always take time to reflect on it… and i always end up confused. hmm.. i love receving quotes and jokes because they take me out of the boring routine i’ve set up for myself. they’re like ice breakers, they drag me out of the consuming stress (though i could hardly distinguish ‘stress’ from any other emotion i feel regularly. lol)… that’s why i’m thankful for the people who send me quotes… they’re one of the things that ensure the normal flux of neurotransmitters in my brain (yah, i’ve said this before). i love thinking. just that. you know, the whole philosophical explanation to life and its complexities… i enjoy thinking deep and ending up in hypothetical syllogisms.

anyhow… while wasting time. i’m going to update you with my HATE LIST.

1. i don’t hate you a lot, in fact i like you because you’re friendly and you tutored me once on one of my blasted subjects, i thank you for that (i still flunked the exam anyway). but sometimes i get annoyed when you brag about your boylets. you’re very assuming. just because our lab instructor often sits on your side of the room doesn’t mean he has a crush on you (i don’t even think he’s always sitting there. nagi-ilusyon ka). omaygad. you make me want to strangle myself. sorry ah.


i need a tutor, yeah. but i need someone who can go down to my level. i’m a slow learner when it comes to chem. ang yabang yabang naman kasi ng iba dyan e. sorry a, waitlist lang. shtka.

2. eto pa, di rin ako ganon kagalit sayo pero feeling ko you’re taking my friend for granted. tanggapin mo na lang kasi na di sya (ibang tao to) mapapasa-iyo. so you don’t have to frustrate yourself with constructing a bridge whose main material is my friend. ano ba. user ka. other than that, demanding ka rin. feeling close pa.

ang bastos ko talaga.

but just like what i said in the intro of this devilish label, this (the hate) too shall pass.