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i have much to learn

good news: i was really angry about broadband days ago but now we’re okay. i said sorry to the modem (literally) and we reconciliated. now he’s running at 100mbps — according to the LAN properties — which is really fast, but i still can’t figure out how it is being distributed to the browser windows i open, but it’s fast now… yey

i want to have red hair

— right now, i’m trying to figure my hands on capturing flash videos and converting them to avi or mpeg or any windows supported video format. i reinstalled my VLC player because the FLV player i got from applian doesn’t play (for some retarded reason) the flv files i downloaded from keepvid. damn and i even made a tutorial on it… pardon my incredibility. when i finally figure out the right things (and freewares to use), i will get back on that.

for now, let’s just say i’m still ‘experimenting’. 🙂