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you're the man, wilbur!

-yesterday was fun! terai, kache, yndi, kim and i went to trinoma.
-picture taken at this picture booth (my name ba yun?) at Timezone.
-we watched Meet the Robinsons!! yeah! it’s now my favorite movie! watch it to know why! 🙂
-hahaha terai bought the wasabi flavored popcorn from taters. o.O
-then we ate at yellowcab, where i consumed 2 slices of an 18 inch ny classic pizza.

-and theeeennnn…. dairy queeen! yeheeeeey.
-then after a while… uwi uwi.

aww, the end.

terai and i arrived home at around 1030pm. lol. thanks kachee for the ride!

ay teka. naguguluhan pa ako. basta super fun yung kahapon! now, i’m still waiting for kachee to post the pictures on her multiply… excited na ko nakawin lahat yon! hahaha e kasi ang saya saya eh. nyhahahhaa