A very personal blog

i'm freeeeeeee

yet i’m so bored. guess where i am? i’m here at edsa shang. chilling out, wasting money online. and they freakin charge 60 pesos per hour! i guess i’m not really used to it, back in los banos i only pay 20 per hour and at home we only pay 400 a month for unlimited internet access, so why am i here? what am i doing here? the answer is… i don’t know. haha. this internet shop is like 300% more expensive. haha hello arianne, you’re in metro-effin-manila. so how was this day?

yeah this day started out really freaky. so after the victory christian fellowship i attended last night, i went back to the dorm and drank a high-kicking instant coffee to last me till the wee hours of the night cos apparently i haven’t studied for the final exams. so there i was staring blankly at my notes, not really doing anything productive. i continued doing so until i reached 12mn. i’m still wide awake oyeah! so there i continued to stare blankly at my notes until boredom struck me and what do i do when i’m bored? lalalala don’t play with you doodle! doodle doodle doodle doodle it tonight! roight. so i doodled, you know me so let’s skip that.

blah blah blah blah don’t play with you doodle…

i was still busy doodling and the same time reading my notes when a CAT suddenly passed me by. i was like, ‘hoy. anong ginagawa mo dito?’ my eyes immediately darted to the door and saw it double locked (triple even) SO HOW THE HELL DID THAT CAT ENTER THE DOOOORRRRMMMM????? i panicked and checked the time. and mehn would you believe it’s 3:07am already??? knowing my watch it must be 5 minutes advanced so hell it’s almost 3am.

mehn. why do strange things happen at 3am? so you see, i took that freaky incident as a sign that i must go to sleep already, even though the caffeine is still kicking malevolently in my nerves. so yeah, i fixed my things and went to sleep. only to find out i can’t sleep! oooh this is so not new. i’m used to it. so i just lay there in my bed, paranoia consuming over my head. i’m imagining things. spooky things like the cat purring. it’s not healthy to stay that late, i’m mutating into a zombie now.

so there, i didn’t sleep. not even an effin minute. i can’t sleep dangit!

i sat up at 5:30, ate breakfast, took a bath and finally made my way to physci building for the finals. yadda yadda yadda… it was easier. i just hope i pass chem17.

and now?

after the test i rode the bus to ortigas. now while in the bus, there’s this maranatha teacher who stood up and started preaching the gospel. well, she’s not so convincing because she looked snob but then the funny part was when on the height of her preaching, the bus stopped and several vendors entered, so along side her “hallelujas” we hear “buko pie? buko pie?” “mineral! C2!” “mani! mani! mani kayo dyan! bagong luto!” and also “crackers! espasol! shingaling! cassava!” ahahahahaaaa. and she looked annoyed. oh well.

and right after her preaching, the conductor turned on the radio and this came to our ears, “people killing people dying, children hurtin and you hear them crying, CAN YOU PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH….” lalalalalaa… oh what great timing Love Radio. hahaha

and then… i went to megamall and ate lunch in yoshinoya and guess who’s behind me on the counter? hehe nothing really, just Kris Lawrence. i’m not really his fan. heck i only recognized him because of his trademark way of wearing a bandana under a fedora and his KL bling-bling. now who’s vain yo?

and so after eating i looked around a bit. i was fighting the urge to go home because i’m really sleepy but i realized i won’t be given another chance like this to do everything i please without thinking about schoolwork and worrying about my decaying grades… so i indulged! i didn’t buy a lot, in fact i just spent most of my money on food… i mean on coffee. hehehe.

i went to national bookstore to buy some ballpens but i got discouraged by the mob of consumers and the suffocating atmosphere. i’ve lost track of time, while i am only ABOUT to enjoy my summer vacation, these people are just ABOUT to start another schoolyear. unfaaaair. can’t take the loooong lines so i just tried some ballpens on the counter and didn’t buy anything. how fascinating. ballpens are really fascinating… they come in different colors and different ballpoints and well, they’re just so coool. hehehe then someone poked me on the back! it’s aika! and there’s mai too. hihi small world! glad to see them again.

blah blah blah blah blah. then i went to shangrila plaza just to check it out. bought some coffee. and aww i saw PJ Valerio again! he’s so cute. mehn. he’s way better looking in person than on screen. hahahaha. so he made around 50% of my day. the first part of this entry explains what happens next. so if you can still follow my day (hope you do!) after walking around the plaza i went online and the first half of the entry was made at that very expensive net cafe. can you follow? cos i don’t really care if you can’t.

then i went home. good thing i took an airconditioned bus instead of an ordinary one or else i’ll be soaking wet right now.

ooooops. i forgot to bring my lab manual in which my most recent doodle was inserted. aw mehn. ok, next week when i get back to los banos i’m not gonna forget it for sure.

what about tomorrow?

i’m not coming on the reunion. maybe because it might rain hard and i have no transpo. and maybe because i’m DEAD TIRED right now that i can’t afford to go out anymore. i miss my batchmates, yeah but not as much as i miss resting. forgive me. maybe next time? i’m just too worn out for my own good.