A very personal blog


for the good of this blog and your viewing pleasure as well, please don’t open this blogsite in firefox or any other browser except for Internet Explorer 7. i’m afraid it’ll look trashed and messy and skrewed and ugly and…etc. i’ll fix it later when i finally have a firefox. for the meantime…

haha. new layout. i like the header! wee.. i think it’s cute. ahahaha. i’m not really good in photoshop. and just like before i coded this thing using notepad. anyhow. i’ll probably do some changes with the position and stuff to make it look a bit more presentable in other browsers. there’s really something retarded with the way i work with css. grrr.

finally. we have unlimited internet access! yeah. it’s not dsl, as much as i’d love to, but a cheaper and slower version that charges only 400 a month for a maximum of 48kbps. i can bear with that. it’s not like i’m not used to it anyway. =)

yey. i’m finally going to watch 300! next week, wednesday, sm north, with mika! hoooooooorah.