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1 down, 2 to go!

at last! done with the math17 finals!! my golly, if they only have exemptions then i wouldn’t have faced the dread of sitting on a chair and sweating hard for 2 freakin hours! i believe i lost more braincells than i could have earned by thinking a lot. grrr…

hmm. the test was err.. so-so. steady lang. i mean, i’m a big idiot for not studying earlier. our prof gave our 5th unit exam as a TAKE HOME and mehn, that take home exam took the whole of my weekend. i wasn’t able to rationalize well by then that’s why i didn’t notice that i didn’t have enough time to study my notebook cover to cover. our exam started at 2pm and i was only able to study by 12:30! oh well, at least i got some problems right. i also guessed a lot during the multiple choice. hehe. bahala na.

ok. tomorrow is the end of all my miserieeeeessss! 10am to 12noon i’ll be having my eng1 finals. i’ll study later. then at 4-6pm….

*insert annoying drumroll here*

chem16!!!! (same thing, study later. you know me)

*insert loud boo’s – much better, throw tin cans, crumpled papers, rotten tomatoes and please include your chemistry notebooks and your reduction-potential tables as well*

after dealing with those stupid required final exams, i can now do my philo paper due on wednesday. i should’ve done it over the weekend but i forgot to bring my philosophical analysis book and the guidelines for making the paper at home. what an idiot.

oh well. after wednesday… i’m all free! yes, as in i don’t have to do anything else, no more forced studying and all those junk. but on the dull side…
i can’t leave til friday afternoon because our math prof required us to get our standings on that day. grrr. boooooooo.

and on the day before that, our PE1 class cards are out as well. hm, i’ll just have someone get it for me.

my head really hurts, i need some…. ice cream.