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i hate mondays. i always do, ever since i started my laundry job. monday starts the week, so it pretty much decides how you’re gonna take the rest of the days to follow. mondays also holds the most clothes to wash since they’re piled over during saturdays and sundays. monday means getting toasted under the noontime sun because there are so many clothes to hang dry.

this monday starts my sister’s classes after the 1 week suspension due to the bloody storm. she just called me awhile ago asking me to finish her powerpoint presentation because they don’t have electricity yet, and the pc hubs are off. alright alright, i’ll do it. it’s not a big job putting backgrounds anyway. hmmm… she’ll buy me brownies in return. i have to clean up her inbox too becauase friendster is flooding her with notifications. haha, i’ll check her fster later.

oooohhh… harry and draco is still making a scene in my head. sounds nice. nutella nutella, i want my freakin bottle!!

awww…so cute.