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i woke up 30 minutes past my favorite morning show meaning i just missed it! meehn, i was looking forward to watching lufee (one piece) panaman… tsk.

this afternoon, i went to fcm to chill. then it came to me that i don’t have enough money left for the tricycle fare so i just walked. it doesn’t matter to me walking from fcm to home because i’ve done it before. good thing i have my palm with me for some music. then i bought 4 isaws along the way so that i’d have something to eat while walking. then i reached the clubhouse, i waited for my sister to finish her tennis lessons then we walked home.

it was a tiring walk, majorly because my feet hurts. i also found out that the tall slippers i’m wearing now, which i bought for 150, has marked down to a hundred. too bad… but at least i still got it on a discounted price.

by the way, while in fcm i visited the “intensify” youth fellowship program in one of their cinemas. there aren’t a lot of people there but i met this kid who invited me to join them tomorrow. such grace… i felt really blessed after i went out of the cinema. it’s pretty much like the youth alive ministry in our church, full of friendly people. i can’t commit to them but i do hope they get more members soon.

i have great news! my nails have gone longer now! yehey to me!

reminder: this webpage doesn’t work with mozilla firefox. uhm and this works best in IE. haven’t tried other browsers though… i’m not going to change this to work with other browsers because i’m dealing with codes and you know how hard it is to work with notepad… it took me an hour to just edit this premade layout. oh well. 😀 and if you have a script that works just like how the nav bar does to your left and is compatible to different browsers, please give me the link.