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the divine bowl of ramen

i never thought i’ve eaten a lot of ramen throughout my whole life. i thought it was normal for koreans to have these really big instant noodles with little nori squares and cute starburst shaped thing with an orange swirl inside… i wouldn’t have cared so much on the label since it’s korean and i think it doesn’t matter if it’s ramen or just any of my usual giant instant noodles so why do i sound so bewildered that it’s actually ramen i’ve been eating the whole time?

probably because i have nothing more interesting to write about. and most probably because i’m reading a naruto fic right now and he’s describing his steamy bowl of ramen and i found out we’ve been eating the same thing all day! only, he knows what he’s eating and i consider mine as… noodles. to hear naruto describe his godly bowl of ramen will make you think it’s on the peak of all divinities when simply stated it’s just a freakin bowl of ductiled dough processed with too much sodium and all else cancerous.

anyway, i seriously think i should be studying right now. i guess i should leave… so bye.