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living dead dolls

the deader the better… welcome to the graveyard.

as creepy as it sounds.. go figure… nothing angelic duh, purely devilish
just retail dolls. chaka-like dolls.. scary dolls…

i especially liked the doll names and the story of the morticians (webmasters)

there’s Demonique and Mildread, Arachne and Wolfgang. hehe…

i don’t feel the year of the dog coming. this coming new year doesn’t seem to be something special.

let’s just hope that this year will be a better year for the whole world. we’ve been through a lot of chaos this 2005 and reliving it by 2006 will not look like another strike of bad luck but a year-long curse of monstrosity.

i still feel bad about most of the things that are happening to me.

my knee strain hasn’t healed yet. i was told that it usually takes more than a month to heal. sure, more than a month na nga… but when? come on Lord, what a gift.

the dlsu test, not that it matters kasi sabi ko nga i won’t go there either way. but the feeling of failure? yes, that’s the thing i can’t quite get off of my nerves. the pride mehn.

oh well. there’s always the bright side of life!

like a peppermint mocha frappuccino from starbucks… costly thirst quencher. had my first one yesterday… =)

joy! 😀