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"it's not just a bag, it's Prada" – white chicks

arrgghhh… i am sooo in need of more cash! i spent my last bucks on foooooddd!
i hate myself when my sister invites me to go malling, it’s like i am not in the right position to refuse. my feminine hormones are soo mallsick. i was saving my money for something important but i guess the spendthrift in me always wakes up at the sight of a mall. =
we rented three movies awhile ago, one of which is White Chicks. i love watching movies the second time because i understand it more… especially the toilet humor…

i told myself awhile ago that ‘this time, i’m gonna get my starbucks treat’.
my sister and i were on the way to the annex (where sb is) and every step i make is a struggle. my legs are not yet healed… i’m soo freakin’ stubborn. that’s when i saw ‘brownies’ under the escalator we rode down on and i hesitantly chose between a frappe and a frostee.
anyway, the frostee won. instead of a high-calorie, high-priced frappe which will take me forever to reach with my legs under struggle, i chose the high-calorie, high priced frostee which is just underneath the escalator. big difference, huh?

anyway… the cheapest coffee indulgence i can give myself is in zagu… 20 pesos away with free pearls and crystals tax free.

oh well.

“any man who can jump off on a bullet for me can definitely take me out.”

i found out a potential grad ball outfit in meg magazine… it’s more of a cocktail dress though… P999 at yrys. can’t describe…

look at that, the movie “the prince and me” is grammatically incorrect, right?