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want some challenge?

enter the CRIMSON ROOM

it might not be new to you but in case you failed the last time yo you tried the room out, well maybe it’s your chance to be in the escapers list now.
i got out, but i cheated. LoL, i don’t care… besides, i went as far as playing the movie and discovering the vault.. i just can’t get through the codes but anyway what’s a little help?

i also finished the viridian room and the blue chamber with some degrading walkthrough. how’s my pride? big deal huh.

i really really supper duper want to go malling but i can’t because i have no $$$$! well tomorrow i guess dad will have his allowance so he HAS to treat us out! haha…

i need ballpens! oh and i’ll buy lot’s of panda ballpens!
i need papers (the 1/2 1/4 cw lw)
i also need to buy a gift. 😀

i want a big sketchpad.
i want to have my coffee treat too. =D
i want flats
i want a skirt

grrr… my lower abdomen hurts. =(