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veronika decides to die

i’m currently reading veronica decides to die by paulo coelho… =) i can say i’m enjoying it because i’m learning a lot! i’m actually considering life in a mental hospital, i think it would be pretty nice in there.

according to the book crazy or insane people are those who live their lives in their own worlds. so i think there’s no point branding people insane cos all of us have that insane nature in us it’s just that people live in conformity to get understood.
oh well, it’s sucks to be spending your life in useless conformity so just get crazy and be yourself.

hmmm…i’m still wondering how my life would be in a mental hospital. in that place no one would care if i talk to myself and do monologues since we’re all crazy and it’s our way of conforming with others… in a mental hospital things i’ve been obscuring to the public would be revealed in a manner that it would still look normal to the people there. i’m not saying that what i’m hiding within will admit me as a patient in Villete but it’s just that i think the mental hospital is the best and safest place to start stripping myself off of my crazy manners.

hihi… i could sing
‘if you were gay’
‘the internet is for porn’
‘it sucks to be me’
‘i’m not wearing underwear today’
all day long without having those curious eyes on me!

i could say whatever i want, recite my blog even and roleplay romeo and juliet all by myself! again, without people wondering where the hell did you came from.

wow. the book kinda works… haha still in page 70 though… hehe
i’m perfectly normal mind you. =)

oops. it’s frog prince now! have to watch!