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new layout.. again and again

tsk… i get fond of my layouts easily so i decided to make a new one for the nth time… =\ anyway. quite happy with this although i would like it better if it’s bigger…

well well, so how’s business?
i’m still promoting WEI (wireless engine immobilizer) – an anti-carnap gadget – to my friends who at some part of their mind think that i’m joking. oh well, but i’m not joking… i’m actually getting tired of repeating the same lines over and over again o different people hoping they’ll be interested but nevertheless i got the interest of some people… =)

christmas is coming soon that’s why i want to earn money. yeah, i said EARN not ask. i don’t have daily allowance (like most of you have) so i have to at least earn money. hehe…
i could always ask my parents for it but i don’t want to bother them… we all need it. 🙂
just wish me luck.

school… hmmm still funny as always! that’s what i go to school for, to get my daily dose of laughter. it’s the only funny place around!
meeehhn. i still don’t know how to treat my decreasing standing in math! last quarter i got 95 average on my quizzes but now i only have 81!!! fiiittttccchhhhh!!!
i’m so careless, it’s all because of that zero score i got, but even so i don’t want to depress myself anymore…T_=

29 days to go before my birthday!