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sunday morning

afternoon na nga eh pero di bale… =)

ok. so i did my usual sunday routine which involves waking up 6:30am, getting dressed for church, going to church, singing, greeting people around, sitting and opening a book (no not the bible, hihi) and dozing off to my rude habbit. what’s that? well, aside from sleeping (sometimes) i also bring a book to church (sometimes)especially when i find the homily boring. (i’m so evil, i know!)
you see, our homily lasts for more or less an hour so i won’t be surprised if one by one people get knocked off to sleep. i mean, yeah i’m so rude but i still pay due respect. but of course, i don’t make it obvious that i’m doing something fishy.
after church, we went to SM! yay! that’s the thing i’m always looking forward to especially that it’s just across our church. waheheee…

we ate at my favorite restaurant, yoshinoya! and bought some stuff for my sister. dad also bought me a vcd of troy coz i nagged him to. haha… you know what? my sister bought 3 cassettes of m.y.m.p. … LoL.. why not a cd? eh wala cla cd player sa boarding house eh… that’s why she asked me to let her borrow my recorder… hehe.. la lang.

ayun. when we got home, i watched troy again.
tapos.. eto.