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i was bloghopping just seconds ago and i checked www.philippineblogawards.com to see if my blog is already listed in the nominated entries. anyway, it’s not there yet and i guess it should be out by sept 17.

grrr… reminds of of acet. wish me luck blessing!

hmm…and then. i came along a blog and managed to quote a quoted entry…

“Death is nothing. It’s the pain.”

come to think of it, we’re not really afraid of dying. we’re afraid of the pain that comes along with death. like if you’re asked how you wanted to be killed… you’ll say you want it fast and painless, like being shot. there’s no such thing as painless death. death is meant to be painful, so we’re bound to suffer from it in the future.

so in the end, my conclusion would be…

i’m not afraid of death, i’m afraid of pain.

what the?
Exposing Satanism – Harry Potter

heh. i hate them.