A very personal blog


we got our gradpics na! yay! er.. m not really that excited over my pic eh kasi nakita ko na yun kaso it’s just bigger, duh. oh my, i seriously like the contact prints better than the enlarged and final copies. you see when you enlarge it you’ll see more details therefore you’re sure to give yourself a more scrutinizing look. just like what i did with mine, from afar you could not see this little detail but if you look at it closer you’ll see them! i’m talking about the gaps on my teeth. haha… i just don’t like them, and wait! i look better in the contact print!

tss… anyway. there… hehe

by the way our prosec field trip was fun! =)
tss… but i had to change my top coz, according to some of my classmates, i’m reavealing some of my cleavage which is er… bad. LoL, i didn’t notice that… how come? maybe i don’t know how to differentiate cleavage from some other bust terms. haay, nevermind. so i changed to another black top (it was like expected of me to change cos i brought an extra top with me) and continued living.

first, we went to hearts and hands salon to put make-up on ourselves…
i did my make-up on my own! yay! fine fine, i don’t want to bother people by asking them to put eyeshadow on me or ask them how my blush on looks like (frick, i’m an artist! i should know when the right colors are in place or balanced! LoL), besides i believe i know how to apply make-up ON myself so i don’t really have to ask for someone’s help. but i did ask Sasa to flat-iron my hair… thank you!! 🙂 oh, that’s a different story.

we presented ourselves to mrs. zeta after 40 mins. i thought she’s going to criticize our faces like
“who did your eye-shadow? why does it extend to your eyebrows?”
“is that a blush on? oh, thought you slipped.”
but hello… of course she’s not going to do it that way!
she just asked us something like “how do you feel now?” and “do you feel more special?”
and when i answered her i just said yes and yes! in the happiest tone i can manage…
i don’t even know how putting on make-up will make you feel special…
i should feel special that someone noticed me and said, “too much foundation” or that someone dedicated her time to fix my face…
i don’t really know so nevermind.

so, tomorrow is our outreach and i already forgot the name of my previous partner… oh great, now i know! ate bailyn! good! so.. what do i do now…
onga pla.. i downloaded the first 3 books of artemis fowl… i’m sure to read it after i finish with my reading report. i mean after i finish reading 6 other ebooks which are series 5 to 11 of a series of unfortunate events.

eBooks rock! yeah!!
why? because you don’t have to pay for them! you just have to have the proper software to be able to run it and there… enjoy your book.