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it sucks to be grammatically wrong

*iyak* haaayy… it’s hard to meet a teacher’s expectation, especially when she expects you to always observe proper grammar!
i hate grammar! but i have no choice but to follow it.
i just write what i think sounds good not knowing na there waits a big X mark on my paper.

i think i’ll drop writing off.


we finished watching troy. it’s a great movie. and i cried a lot, i mean held my tears a lot during the scenes where patroclus, hector and achilles died.

if you were in my position, as in you like yaoi and you knew that patroclus and achilles weren’t cousins but lovers (in some versions), then you would hate Briseis.

At some point, yes, i hated her but it somehow cooled down when the succeeding events made me realise that patroclus is still MORE important to achilles than briseis.
then, during the last scene where achilles looks for briseis… i hate her again! and again, i cooled down a bit when i realised that he’s looking for her just for the sake of sparing her life from agammenon’s hands, which doesn’t sound compromising enough but is better than knowing that achilles looked for her because he wants her back. i can’t take that.

so far that’s all i want to rant about. i don’t want to bore you with how i clutched tightly to my seatmate’s sleeve when some casts are on a brutal combat.