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brain drain

just came back from the acet. pretty much it’s just like the upcat, only a bit easier. i can’t believe myself too, the other parts of the test are manageable and the only part that blew off my brain cells was the last part, the numerical ability test. they’re all word problems. though they’re not that hard, it took a lot of my time so i resorted to shot-gun(ed?) the last three problems with the letter c.

i tell you, there is a bigger possibility that the right answers will fall under c. why? because i prayed God to let my unsure answers be c. not so credible, i know, but at least i had a handful of faith to come along with that.

conclusion. i like the acet more than the upcat. for some reasons, although they look particularly of the same difficulty, i am more comfortable answering the acet because my sched is in the morning and i know that my brain is more capable of thinking right by that time unlike when i took the upcat, i was scheduled on the afternoon and my brain is, well, a little skrewed off.

during the acet, i was surprised that i finished most of the tests ahead of time and being the lazy me, i decided to skip off the reviewing part and sleep. you see, the wind is singing lullabies to me so i slept and i really slept! i even had a dream but nevermind, i was startled when i heard the proctor say ‘time’s up!’. reality check! i’m taking the test, what the hell?!

but then again, if by God’s grace i pass both tests then i’ll happily and undoubtedly choose u.p. over ateneo. who wouldn’t want to save over ten thousand bucks anyway? besides, according to the 2001 statisics of some category (i forgot) among the asian state universities UP falls on the 40th-something rank and ADMU and DLSU are on the 70th-something rank. not bad.

after the test i managed to find someone who is generous enough to let me hitch with her and drop me by the overpass. thank you aisha and mrs. timbayan! they even gave me this 100 calorie pack crackers. thanks a lot friend! then, i went to nat’l bookstore to check out the books. same thing, i want to buy a lot of books but i can’t afford to pay 300+ bucks for them.

then i went to starbucks to satiate myself with a mocha frappe. i’m a caffeine addict after all. so that’s my lunch, a toblerone bar and a frapuccino. then, i went against the current of the overpass (everyone’s going down and i’m one of the few who’s going up) and saw this street child (should it be overpass child?) roaming around and out of pity i gave her the sandwich my mom prepared for me during the morning. i don’t think it will bloat her up since she’s with two other kids but i know that would help. =)

gaah. charity.
so there, i commuted my way home, dressed, and plopped myslef on this chair. oh, and i recieved a thank you email from one of the lucky winners of the 2 hours free prisontale gametime i gave away last week. it feels nice you know, all those thank you’s and ‘continue making people happy’ remarks. they’re so heart-warming that i suddenly became more cheerful and forgot everything about my 2 flunked pinoi tests!

by the way. the deadline for blog nominations in Philippine Blog Awards was extented until 10/05/2005.

i’m already listed so by the time the voting date is released please don’t forget to vote for my blog!