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what now?

i’m bored. i want to do something!
no, not that project! i’ll finish it tomorrow cos i have too much grudges to hold against our teacher that i certainly DON’T want to follow any of her instructions even if it risks my grades! if only i’m working alone then she would feel how much i loathe her though my project! ha!

grrr… no! i’m not saying i don’t want k.a.’s partnership! i’m also concerned about her grades! the thing is if i pursue with my rebellious plans then her grade will also be in danger.

it’s very simple, you see.
i’m not enjoying her subject.

what? you gonna blab?
i’m not the only one who finds her utterly senseless and boring it’s just that i’m one of the few who finds it necessary to tell the world i dislike the subject with her teaching it.

good thing there are no classes tomorrow!