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a big "sigh" to end the day

we had another practice awhile ago. it was damn tiring… i actually want to sympathize with the eco song singers for they have another practice to attend…

buti na lang hindi ako pumasa…-_-;; gayon paman… malungkot pero bahala na si Lord!

after ng practice… sumabay na lang ako kina k.a. … baba sa convergy’s para mag starbucks.

=) haay… di nyo alam kung gano ka therapeutic sakin ang kape…
pagdating sa bahay… bihis. tapos gawa agad ng project. kumusta naman ang project ko? 80% done!

kakapagod. ngayon nga di pa ko tapos sa ibang homeworks eh.

off topic tayo mga tsong.
hehe.. eto nanaman ako sa achilles-patrocolus fandom ko.
i’m being observant pag eksena na nila sa troy eh…

instead of taking notes i[‘m quoting ‘fishy’ lines like…

“play with my tricks but not with my cousin (patroclus)” achilles to odysseus.

they also said something beetween these lines…

“i told you how to fight but i never told you why!” achilles
“i fight for you.” patroclus.
“but who will you fight for when i’m gone….” achilles.

“…i wouldn’t be in this battlefield if i’m not concerned for you. now, guard the ship.” – achilles to patroclus. uhm… according to my keen eyes they’re both at the near-edge of the ship with achilles holding patroclus’ face with both of his hands.

now isn’t that tooo… sweet?
and to think, it’s obviously implied that they’re an item (with hints of oxymoron-ism) but people want to stay oblivious to the fact that, hallelujah!, they’re gay.

bwahaha.. they’re gay! they’re gay! they’re gay!
i’m not paying too much attention to the story cos i’ve read a lot already but i do pay attention to achilles and patroclus!

go gays.