A very personal blog


i think i’m bored… or am i just too lazy to do things?
if i’m bored then that means i have nothing to do and i want to do something… but in this case i have a lot of things to do but i’m not doing them which leaves me with nothing to do and yes i want to do something but i want to exclude schoolworks from that… and schoolworks are the only thing left for me to do.

ok. i’m lazy.
did you get me?

you know what… i auditioned for the song group in pinoi… actually i’m already listed in research but in case, by some miracle, i passed song… i’ll be in song.
oh, and that was the very first audition i had in my entire life. hehe.

mehn. i’m kind of lazy to update my fic… actually i was just waiting for 10 reviews per chapter and now that i got them, i know i should be making the next chapter but unfortunately, i’m not seeing much of itachi right now so there are no ideas coming in…

and right now i’m planning to write a harry potter fic. HPDM of course.

blech. my life is sooo boring.