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a nice breakfast

i made myself the simplest breakfast i can manage since we barely cook anything in the morning, not because we don’t have any food to cook but because people here are having herbal supplements which makes them full enough not to crave for any food– and that supplement sucks..-_-;;.

i just reheated the cinnamon roll i bought yesterday and made a, -_-;;, coffee with ginseng… people here are soo health conscious…

hmm… anyway.. yesterday i went shopping with my cousins… my little cousins… and how many are they?
they’re 5! so in the end my sister and i looked more like a chaperone rather than a dear cousin taking them to the mall for a jollibee treat.
unfortunately we have our own purposes for going to the mall… we want to buy our own stuff… but we have to wait since my uncle can’t hold five children with 2 hands.

at first it was very displeasing… but after all they’re my cousins and i shouldn’t be angry with this… plus.. i love them. =)

right now i’m figuring out on how to get your personal voicemail number… help!?