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coffee bliss!

i made this by myself! due to my craving for coffee!!! XD

just a recap on the recipe =)

::1 sachet nescafe 3-in-1 coffee (1 sachet/serving)
:: 1/4 – 1/2 cup nestle all purpose cream (depends on your preference on how creamy your want the mixture to be)
:: 1 cup cold water (ratio is 1 cup water/1sachet of coffee)
:: 1 tbspn brown sugar plus another tspn. (separate yun)
:: 2 pinches of nescafe classic

so far yun lng naaalala ko… bahala na kau sa procedure! haha… bsta you need a blender!

unleash the coffee bliss!
haha… XD

you have to blend the coffee mixture seperately from the cream. the thing here is to whip the cream until it gets sort of fluffy like a whipped cream. you top it on the coffee mixture and sprinkle with brown sugar and nescafe classic powder.