A very personal blog

good afternoon =)

diet update: i can’t say it’s not working coz honestly… it is! yay!
yesterday we went to my cousin’s grad bash… it was fun.. especially the food but i controlled myself and ate only what my stomach could digest and dispose out… without rice of course… LoL… i am way over the possible regrets of not having rice in your plate coz i’m determined to lose weight… but since this stupid monthly period came in the the way… i have to drop off the taebo sessions and resume it next week… which will be my tutorial week but it won’t harm my schedule so i stay out of worry. ^^;;

haaayy… i can’t wait till may… i’m excited to go to enchanted kingdom. -_-;;

there will be a change (a decrease actually) in the list of things/people/ideas i highly adore (before)…

1. tony sun is now out of my world
2. include mark feehily there…
3. i’m not into anime anymore…
4. but i’m still into sanzo and sendoh
5. i’m promised not to force myself in singing in mandarin or japanese… coz i will look stupid (i said I..not you or we for that case)

so far that’s all.