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freakin cheap?

haha… almost everything i’m wearing today is from divisoria.. haha… the jacket the blouse the pants… well except for the slippers.. hehe… last week we went to divisoria for my sister’s supposed-to-be wardrobe update since she will need it in UPLB, unforunately when we got home only one of her blouses fits her well and the others were too fit for her… and now they’re mine.. haha…

during our bargain hunt (LoL, everywhere is a bargain…) i almost gave up on walking since my legs are in great pain due to the tennis drills. whenever we approach a staircase or any elevated platform for that matter, i curse and try to build up ATP’s more that enough to carry myself for a single step… that sucks. i almost thought i’m going to get limp!

but luckily, as you can see i’m still capable of typing and walking down to this basement to face my friend.


it’s MSA day today, and this would be the 2nd to the last meeting of our ultimately boring lessons!.. huraah… -.-
i can’t say i didn’t learn a thing coz honestly i think i’m becoming more competetive… haha… cge joke lang yun.
remember the other day? may strike kaya i had a hard time looking for jeeps in katipunan… pero today ayus na so thank God.

i have a suggestion… why don’t gasoline shops avail the price hike only to private vehicles tapos standard price na lang sa mga PUVs? para di taas ng taas ang fare… sooper inconvinent for me na maghanap ng 50 cents sa wallet noh… tpos when i pay six they won’t return the 50 cents anymore… grr…

ok.. nuff bout that…

awhile ago while eating in mcdo, 2 mcdo girls (ano ba tawag dun?) approached me. tapos naparanoid utak ko, i was thinking if i did something wrong… and the only could-be-wrong thing that entered my mind was when i ate my sandwich (which was not a mcdo product) and demanded for 3 kechups for one regular fries. pero shempre, poise dba..

i was tinged with relief when they revealed their purpose for approaching me, wala lang pala eh, girl#1 introduced me to girl#2 which was analyn and said she was the one who cooked my fries, she interviewed me lang naman kung masarap ung fries, kung kulang or sobra sa salt and shempre i answered… sabi ko sobra ung salt chaka ang saggy, di tulad ng jollibee….

haha.. joke.. shempre sabi ko ok lang nman, ubos na nga eh. haha…