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walk on…[prom musings]

great… i’m figuring out on how to walk with my prom shoes without tripping over the STAIRS.


i did a mistake for choosing an almost 3inches high stilletto [crap..how was that spelled?]

i’m kinda walking it over so that i’d be used to the pain it gives while you walk through stairs, or even cobblestoned streets… if there is such a place here…and of course avoiding banana litters… haha.

-_-;; the shoes. the shoes. the shoes.. -.-;; i’ts really annoying how mom would insist on sticking a RUBBER mat-kind-of-thing on the soles so that i won’t slip.

aww.. that’s just SOOOO sweet… get me.

my gown.

my sister’s gown.

the same gown she used in rembrant.

and now she’s still going on the same spot for her senior’s prom… how did that suck?

i asked her… she said she wouldn’t be on the prom… if not for her partner in the dance program….




i still don’t have a date.

and i’m not looking for one.