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english week…

half day nga lang eh.. hehe.. pero anyway..
i’m happy that, as expected (nag-expect talaga ko!), we won the photo gallery plus the best essay thing… haha.. ang saya saya… hehe…

congrats din sa radio play! astig, i heard the judge said she’s going to hire them for her movie, if ever, to be on the special effects field… cool. what a breakthrough. ^_^=v

the quiz bee finished with 3 questions, again, just like the cl quiz.. LoL… the first question was… ‘what’s the superlative form of former?’
LoL… i can’t believe it’s FOREMOST… haha.

congrats sa lahat ng nanalo!


but seriously, while my other classmates are busy for the countdown, i’m not feeling anything like excitement… maybe a little nervous bcoz of my shoes. good thing it has a strap.. but bad thing coz its not adjustable so my bad if it fell and i have to walk with my feet rising a little inches from the shoes whenever i take a step…

oh my… i just heard a bad news from yesterday… kasi diba last time i went to commonwealth market and had this traumatic experience of having this teenage guy fighting and exchanging cruel words to this old woman (a relative or parent i think), throwing beer bottles in every direction (of course not aiming at her)and blaming her for being so -i don’t know the term- during his birthday.

i was scared because dad left me in the car, with the windows open, so when he closed the engine, the windows won’t pull up if want to. i cried afterwards, of fear and empathy to the old woman, who at her old age is being treated like that with his son.

just now, she died.
may she rest in piece.

now here’s the hitch. his nephew, yung bakla, was the one who’s going to do my hair and make-up for the prom. but unfortunately, because of the burial, he can’t make it.
pero it’s not a problem na… since we scheduled na in Ystillo. kaso, i wasn’t impressed with my sister’s make-up there… the blush on was too dark.. but anyway.. she’s still pretty. i especially liked the hair. ^_~;

look! i like this gown…

pero hindi ganyan gown ko.. hehe.