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yes LORD!

ok… what we did during cl day…

we had mr. bo sanchez as our speaker… he is totally cool. he’s funny and spontaneous (whoa. how bout an on-the-spot creative description contest?). i like his stories and i like how simple his message was ‘we do not know how blessed we are’. and to add to that… that message is elaborated in the most broad yet specific true encounters… he connects it with some stories that at first you’ll think that he’s up to nothing moral but in the end he’ll reveal the relation of his lesson to the story he said. coolness.

we also had the cl quiz… team C won! go desmon!

haha.. that’s it… team C might not be an over-all atlethic team but we’re sure to get back on the academic field.

during the quiz, of course i was bored, the trivia was fun though i’m waiting for questions like ‘what’s the longest chapter in the bible’ or ‘what’s the shortest verse in the bible’… but nothing came.. LoL… not that i know them.. but that’s really a challenge… like what mr. bo sanchez asked… ‘Genesis 1:26-27’…i know that…our pastor always reminds us that… so that we won’t complain about how we look…

the praise and worship session was fun… really fun. coz yeah.. i know almost all the songs and what they did was just exactly the same as what are practicing in a BORN-AGAIN church… the lively band, the jolly songs… they’re all so BORNAGAIN-ish. LoL… i wish ganun na lang lagi.. i mean… i find it boring to always sing solemn songs during the mass… that was a little contrary to what david’s psalms are… he even sang naked to GOD! his songs are lively and full of energy!

yes lord yes lord yes yes lord!..i’m trading my sorrows! i’m trading my shame! i’m laying them down for thejoy of the LORD!!! wohoooo…

haayy.. i remember when i used to play in the church band… the lively songs, the full-blast instruments… oh well… those were the days my friend.. we thought they’ll never end we’ll sing and dancee forever….