A very personal blog

*yawns* goooddd afternoooonnnnn 🙂

can’t believe i survived 3 days of not blogging… anyway…

i’m happy… quite excited really… wala lng… ewn ko nga eh…


our field trip was fun… to sum all our activies.. here’s a list:

trekking. river wading. rapelling. picture taking. bus riding [duh]. eating.

so.. how much calories do you think i burned with all those?

haha… not much.. kasi i ate and ate and ate…LoL…pity me. i’m never gonna shape myself up till prom.-_-;; huhuh… haha.. nothing to lose anyway… la naman akong date… no awkward speechless moments.. no more hiding of your childish self… pero duh.. manners please.

oh well… during the end of our trip.. we saw this big huge colossal massive fire [over ah..] dehind diliman prep. i was scared.. all of us naman eh.. i suddenly recalled the 9-11 incident… the devil’s face appeared in smokes and in the rising fires…npaka traumatizing… i hope no one’s hurt… i wish.

parang before non… i was telling larz this riddle about FIRE. ‘what grows when it eats and dies when it drinks’?…fire.

just then i thought of NOAH’s ARK. during that time, GOD destroyed the EARTH and produced a new mankind in Noah’s family line. and then.. God promised not to destroy the EARTH using WATER or flood again… so baka gunawin nya ang earth through FIRE.


btw… i got my report card na… i always dread seeing my card pero… ang saya ah..generally my grades increased!

next tym na lng ung pics.. sayang di ko nakuhanan ung FIRE! it was the first time i saw a real big fire!

help us LORD.