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i'm becoming a gossip girl

i hate to do this but all i can say to her in my speech is…rest in peace.

i hate to backstabb but.. hey, that’s what i’m up to later…

she is such a bitch.. yes, a son of a dog, a bullshit and a loser.

and i will never ever do my assignment if it involves doing a rather charitable act to her.

i’ll stay plastik to her.

and i promise myself that i will not buy anything branded LG Electronics… poor LG, coz of one bitch they’re name is affected.

change topic. tomorrow is CL day and we’re supposed to wear sports attire… haaayy… another boring day…-_-

look at that.. just because BRUCE has karla’s book i can’t read it still. and it’s been with her for over 2 months… what a slow reader… and as a matter fact, even if you tell me it’s not like i haven’t read harry potter in over a month, that book is way thinner and smaller than harry potter books…

ano? ke-kleptohin na ba nya?

ang sama ko ata ngayon.

i’m not guilty. 😀