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[good vibes sa 2005 :)] [religious enlightenment]

i can sense good vibes for this year samin! yey! why? because we promised God na from now on we’ll be more attentive to his word…

we went to prayer mountain awhile ago in antipolo… damn.. soooppperrr ganda nung place (pwede pang retreat! better pa!! :D)… and what i enjoyed best was terai and i’s hiking kuno…

haha.. kasi we were roaming the whole place tapos we saw a track from behind the building na mejo cemented pa tapos by the end of it.. wala na plang lusutan maliban dun sa iba pang tracks na tlgang tinabas na damo lng ung dadaanan… what more is… sooper narrow nung tracks tapos tabi pa nya bangin! so ayun.. i had so much fun discovering the adventure spots in prayer mt. haha…

di naglaon, we went by a cottage na may dalawang girls.. we ignored them.. i mean at least i smiled.. tapos ayun… meron paring tracks going upwards edi we followed those and.. shit.. my sister almost slipped.. that’s why i had to guide her through this imaginary adventure activity kasi she’s wearing a high heels tsinelas… haha… tapos aun.. we went up up and away…so, what more can i say? pagdating namin dun…

we just went back sa c.r. lng pla.. haha.. tapos yun nnman.. we saw another stairs leading downward… pag baba nmen… we went back to the first tracks that we followed… so in short.. paikot ikot lng sha..

i also enjoyed talking to God in the prayer cells (maliit lng sha pero comfy]. Ang cool nga eh…meron shang stand ng bible (ano b twag dun..), pillow to support your knees when kneeling, fan, chka kawayan ung floor! coolness.. i love talking to GOD, i don’t feel alone.

kasama pa namin c pastor rote to guide us through the way there…in short tlga… we’re there to spend the first day of the year with GOD.

i had so many questions to ask ptr rote and at last i finally got his time. I asked him if Mary’s really sinless and pure (as proclaimed by catholics)…i mean matagal na kong binabagabag ng tnong na yan.. and good thing, my confusion was enlightened by his answer of ‘no, hindi sinless si Mary’…

sabi ko na nga ba eh… he proved it to me by telling me a passage from Luke. From there it states that, she offered 2 young doves to the temple– tradition proves this as a sign of being sinful. pag nag offer ka ksi, ibig sabihin may nagawa kang kasalanan… isa pa..

sa romans 3: 9-10 – it is said na no one is righteous enough to say he/she is sinless.

pero duh, may exception.. c Jesus Christ yun.. he’s the only person who’s exempted from original sin. being one of the three persons in the trinity, he is bound to be perfect… si Jesus ay isang God (God the Son) or isang katauhan na ginamit ni God para maging visible sha earth. tapos in the Old testament naman, si God the Holy Spirit naman ung ginamit nya to show the people na he’s there!

tapos, sooper na puzzle kami sa question nya na “ang Holy Spirit ba person?” kasi dba ung trinity – tatlong persona. so what do u think? tao ba or person ang Holy Spirit?

the answer is YES… kasi pag pinu-point out sha sa bible, the pronoun used is HE, not IT. yun na yun.. hehe

tapos i asked him daw kung bakit ang sinasabi ng pari pag nagcoconfess ‘o, maglinis ka ng bahay ah, libre mo kapatid mo..etc’ – kaya hindi ako nagcoconfess eh… i do it directly to God. the priests doesn’t have/ they’re not given authority to forgive sins of others na hindi meant sa kanila… only God can do that..

[nyak.. may tanong nnman ako…-__-]

tapos isa pang question, tinanong ko kung 22o c Saint Nicholas… c nicholas oo, pero ung saint… that’s true for every person daw.. all of us are born saints… even the crime doers… [that’s written in the bible] kaya lng catholics gave the title ‘saint’ a higher meaning and standars kaya ayun…

halata bang catholic beliefs ung pinagdududahan ko?

hindi nman ako galit sa catholics noh… kaya peace tayo.. kaya lang there are lots of questions in me that can’t be answered by their beliefs… lalo lng dumadami tanong ko…

sabi nga ni daddy, hindi mahalaga kay God ang Religion. ang mahalaga, tinanggap mo sa heart mo si Jesus Christ and you remain with what the Bible ONLY says… no more no less.

remember… ONLY what the BIBLE says.

proud Born Again Christian.