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all american girl

currently reading: all american girl – meg cabot

nice book. i’m really hooked. haha.. i love reading the 1st person point of view narrations in books… LoL… everything about it (the book) is pretty cool xept for the wierd plot, that is. how possible it is for a teenager to become teen ambassador to the united nations? and how, even to deepest depths of the ocean, could a teenager be invited to endorse sodas while holding her title as ‘the girl who saved the president of the united states from a notorious ‘uptown girl’ lover-slash-assassin’? do you think people will be actually lured to drink that? as if they too would become heroines and all.

1st person point of view.. just like blogging.. makes my reading more comprehensible unlike the usual narrate-and-explain stuff… boring. but of course it still depends on the story.

whoa. haha… i got 5 mistakes in our journalism test! basically, that’s the highest.. so i’m sort of proud… i mean.. i am proud! who wouldn’t? so far this is the 2nd time i got highest score in the class… the other one was from t.h.e. back in first yr.

haha.. so far so good.


we had the usual first friday mass today so duh.. i’m wearing our gala uniform and just this morning, me and my sister commuted on our way to school…what a waste of money and effort.. i told you… i feel flushed-out when people (particularly students from the school bus) pass by and see me squeezing myself on the back of the tricycle driver trying to, at least, get some space before me and my bluky bag gets thrown off the street. that’s what you get if you try to ride an ordinary tricycle. lesser fare and no comfort, tsss… that was soo damn-worthy. how humiliating. and i am wearing a white uniform! WHITE uniform i repeat! why doesn’t that make you exempted from acquiring dirt!