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50 Beetle Cars

future book in progress.

imagine. sick and patethic arianne tries to write a book. we’ll see what’ll happen.

it’s no big deal if i write. no one will notice anyway. -_-;;

the reason for this post is to update you that… lalala… i’m writing again.

and yah… 50 Beetle Cars.. not catchy?

get out.

it’s romance. romance dear. but it’s not your average type of teen mush romance. it’s.. i don’t know. maybe deep in a sense yet insane.

ok i’ll tell you. my characters aren’t avaialable for identity yet. but i’ll give you a boring trailer.

you know the 50 Beetle cars thingy i explained last time? it’s kinda exciting… if you do it yourself, that is.

it’s about a girl who tries to catch the 50th volkswagen beetle car in hope of finding her soul mate.

simply like that.

i don’t write serious romance.

but i’ll try. haha.

LoL.. Meg Cabot!!! you’re responsible for this!!



i’m changing my layout as soon possible… i made the banner na… ggwin ko na lang some other time ung codes…