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untimely death. planned farewell

what more can i say regarding Fernando Poe Jr.’s death? All of the testimonials about him talks about his goodness which was far more than i was expecting from him during the candidacy period. Although i hated him for actually running for president without even having a political background, i still admire his being a ‘makamasa’… his intentions are purely for his countrymen’s welfare as well as for the people included under the poverty stricken line.

His death affected a lot of people. His family, friends, fans and all the people whom he had helped when he was still alive were filled with grief as they heard the groundbreaking news that their idol was gone.

This event called the attention of lots of people. His fans stated every single deed he has during his film-making days, that he would always eat the same food shared with his co-workers, even with the extras because he’s practicing equality among the others. That he always wanted a lot of extras in his movies for the sake of giving poor people the chance to at least get some pay. That he stored in sacks and sacks of relief goods to be donated soon to the people involved during the devastating typhoon. That all the last things he made are dedicated to the good of others.

And now, we say goodbye to this admirable image in the movie and political industry.

The news spread faster that what others may think. everybody started crying, mourning on the death of this man.

It is said that one of his last words with his family is that with the message of his soon leaving them. He considered his last recording the ‘last’ of all his songs. He asked someone to prepare the Poe Mosuleo even before december came. And his last picture, was their family picture. And now, could it be that he sensed his coming death? Could it be that while he is suffering in his deathbed, he is in a battle-field, fighting with death’s scythe?

If this were true, much to my regret, he failed.

And now we pray that he is in the hands of the Lord God in heaven.

Please continue to pray for his soul.

Let’s just think that God took him away so that he won’t be suffering more. That’s better than having him alive and breathing but in the body of a wilted plant.

Fernando Poe Jr.