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well sorry… since i don’t know how to transfer my pics here… hha..share ko na lng ulit ang isang caricature of myself… i mean.. after cutting my hair:

wirdo.. grrr

…ehehe.. bgay ba? my mom and i argued with the style pa nga eh.. ksi she hates me when i tie my hair or pag nka pusod… so yun.. she asked ate banding to make it SHORTER… grrr ah.. ok na sana ung mejo mahaba eh.. hmmph…

anyway…LoL… people nowadays are making things worse, the issue with osang and lolit solis shouldn’t be patronized by tambays, hello noh…pati narin ung christine Xdiet marriage… ano ba! e kung they love each other why should they hide their marriage? eto namang mayor ng jaen, nueva ecija eh.. blabber… bwiset.. i mean npka complicated ng life sa showbiz… kawwa nman c grace, every video clip with here in the scene are censored in our tv’s… hehe.. pretty naman sha.. so what’s there to hide? edi sana di nyo nalng pinakita noh.. watever tlga ung media oh!

and what’s the point of viewing the ultrasound test to the public, hindi nman ssbihin ni osang na preggy ung daughter nya kung di 22o noh…

dyusko.. does that make me different from the gossipers around?