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malapit na magpasko..

guys.. gift ko!

anyway.. wla nmang extraordinary na nangyri today.. as if nman noh…

as usual… breakfast sa car… pandesal and coffee.. yum yum! haaayy… look at that.. i think i’ll have to suggest na we go to church on 8am servicesz instead of 6… kasi nman… nagigising kmi 6 na.. so.. late na un.. lagi na nga kmi late eh…-_-

so un… wala lng… brrr… i took the internet test and got myself a 34% internet addict daw.. ano kya un? i don’t believe them.. i mean.. at least give me a 70%+! coz i don’t deserve that grade! hah.

haaayy… wala ako magawa.. hmm… kwento na lng ako ng mga boring things about my life…

watched tv awhile ago… i laughed…

ah wala na.. boring na.. corny pa..

fave movies na lng… [or should i get some survey to kill boredom?]

passion of the christ

harry potter series

the net

spirit: stallion of the cimarron

tuck everlasting

artificial intelligence

lord of the rings..

so yun.. nvm..

bands nman…

barbie’s cradle! \m/

s club7




haha… uhm.. i’ll get some survey na lng..

1.one word to describe urself right now


2.two words you always say to your loved one/your

crush/significant other ?

take care. ingat ka

3.name 7 of your closest friends

karla, mannie, hannah, peachy, larz… i can only name 5 tho

4. what’s your favorite number?


5. what was the first thing you did after waking up?

prepare for church

6. last number of your phone number?


7.who was the first person that came to your

mind as you woke up this morning?

can’t remember

8. who was the last person to make you feel kilig?

eh? wala…

9. what song is on your mind right now?

wala rin.. see how boring my life is?

10. what was the last thing you wrote on a straight


fr: arianne

11. whom do you want to call on your cellphone?

wala.. txt nlng.. sayang load XD

12. what’s your favorite time of day?


13. what colors do you like?

red, black, white

14. last song that you sang:

underneath it all

15. do you like to sing?


16.have you ever been to Baguio?

no.. =(

17.what was the last song that you danced to?

anu nga yun.. ung choco bambam? haha…

18. favorite song:

wala rin…

19. bakit mo sinagutan ang survey na it0?


20. asan ka ngayon?

harap ng pc.. duh

21. last person you e-mailed.


22. have you worn/are you wearing braces [teeth]

not now.. but i will.. someday

23. how often do you buy load?

every 2 months? 100 lng ksi binibili ko eh

24. who’s the last person in your phonebook?

uncly romy

25. if you were given a chance to visit

another country what would it be?


26. name the person that you want to fall for you

at this moment

tss.. khit cno bsta deserving.. haha.. lol


tsss… i don’t know how to deal with this life of mine..

i think i have to change my layout! ^__^