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thank GOD it's FRIDAY!

hello everyone! it’s been a day since my last post! oh well, i’m still affected with the blogging fever. -_-… i have not loose track of updating what’s recent around me. haha… well… since today is friday, i knew i’d be carrying loads of homeworks!!!-_- and to think.. i haven’t started any of those! yihaa! project deadlines are approaching once again.. and i’m on for another chase of grade hikes… haaayy… karla’s bday is soon! advance happeee birthday!!! and mine too… i’ll be celebrating on th 16th.. hapee bday to me.. ^__^ i’m 13 going on 14!!!

haayy.. my day today was semi-good and semi bad… today is a first friday mass, and this is the very first time i enjoyed the mass in skul… b/c the priest was soo gay.. and he’s voice is high, he’s funny too!!! haha…


pero badtrip naden.. bcos of certain pipol. they did nothing offensive, they didnnothing to harm me, they did NOTHING actually, but i believe in my intuitions and by the way look at me stare of just catch a glimpse, i already knew they hate me. ha! SAME HERE! i hatee you TWO! haha.. i duno… when i see them.. uhm… nvm nga…


awhile ago i was talking to larz.. about this extra sensors we might have if we try to meditate and open our chakras… i explained to her the processes i didn’t dare to do… (they’re not really scary but the fact that you want to open ur third eye.. uhmm)

of course the very first thing is find a quiet place… a place where you can meditate. do this at night…^_^

then, do the calming mudra (i know you know that! the usual meditation position… the index finger touching the thumb? dba dba?) and concentrate on the first chakra… the groin, that is. once you feel your energy starting to form around that region,and in your mind you see an energy ball at that area hold your breath and push that energy to the next chakra, in the navel. — this means you have opened the first process.. bsta it’s the matter of opening it fomr bottom to top.. there are 6 shakra openings… in the groin, navel, below the ribcage, heart, between your eyebrows (third eye), and top of forehead. when you have opened all of this….

expect a change of life.