A very personal blog


third year students of the section kalayaan of the School of the Holy Spirit of QC had an eventful retreat last november 10-12, 2004. The said retreat was held at OMC (Oblates Missionary Center) at Macopa St. Mapayapa Vill.1 QC.


LoL… i surely believe that it is not the spiritual training we students are getting excited for, on the contrary, the fact that we will stay away from home for 2 nights and three days, with our friends and dear teachers— is exciting enough.

Having Bros. Pao and Mike around made the whole thing more humor-filled and fun. They never failed to laugh our guts out, cry tears of joy and fart the whole night through! (haha jke.. yuk)

w00t… ayoko na nga…

we had real fun, yes but there are also mushy parts where people cry exchanging palm sized hearts categorized in four parts — love, sacrifice, gratitude, forgiveness—> i can’t decide whether i’ll give forgiveness hearts to anyone, coz like one friend– i don’t really feel sorry to anyone… oh great. now i’m the sinister type now.


but still, i had to say sorry to just one person, jen. sorry for discriminating her– due to some personal issues. yes, i’m bad.. but at least i said sorry.

the other two sorry hearts went to people i’m not really feeling sorry for. for the sake of writing something and distributing it to someone… i did that. npka plastic.

my heart is getting cold and hard. and i’m not asking for some warmth and heart melting things to stop me from thinking bad thoughts on others.-_-

i am evil. i know.. but i’m not a demon.


on the first day of the retreat, at night my classm8s went to the chapel for the adoration of the exposed sacrament, they prayed the rosary and blah blah things… and me, being the non-catholic stayed alone with tow other classmates, tanya and alya… na hindi ko nman close so— un, they went together- i was left alone, i slept, got uncomfortable, woke up and waited for them outside, thinking insane thoughts to myself, acting like a ‘do nothing’ queen, reflecting on the square grassy garden down an atrium like building, thinking thoughts like ‘wat if fall’ — im not going to die naman eh, or ‘sana swimming pool toh’ then i would accidentally drown myself due to freaky thoughts inhabiting my brain.

oh well… nice try, but.. better luck next time.



Call me: arianne, r-yan, yan, yani, yanyan –> watever!

Age: 13 going on 14

Height: average for my level, but tall for my age

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark brown

Where im at: basement.


Fallen off the bed?: yeah.. when i was a kid

Had plastic surgery?: no

Had a dream come true?: yeah, minor dreams nga lng

Cheated on a test?: of course naman!


Wearing: shirt, capri, jacket, undies

Eating: Nothing.

Feeling: sleepy

Reading: this one?

Located: Home

Chatting with: no one — myself i think

Listening: my mom’s secretary talking to someone on the phone

Should really: sleep? wtf is this?


Brush ur teeth?: duh like yes?

Have any piercings?: ears..

Drive?: SOMEDAY!!

Believe in GOD?: Yes.

Ever get off the computer: Er…yes? :p


Who are your bestfriends?: hannah, mannie, peachy, karla

Who is the loudest?: karla

Who is the shyest?: peachy

Who is the hottest?: mannie

Who laughs the most?: karla

Who have u known the longest?: mannie

Do u hang out with the opposite sex?: yeh

Do u consider yourself popular?: No

Do u trust ur friends: Yes.

Are you a good friend?: Hopefully.

Can you keep a secret?: Yuh.


Talked to on da phone: mom

Yelled at: forgot…-_o

Tripped: no one

Turned down: Turned down?


What do you want to be when you grow up?:

i want to be the richest most successful person alive!

What was the worst day of ur life?: Er…can’t


What has been the best day of ur life?:

oh maybe when i saw tony sun in person… *drools*

What do u usually think of before u go to bed?:

GOD, coz i’m praying…


Food: sweets, spag, cake, ice cream… blah blah

Movies: harry pottr series, jackie chan movies, passion of the christ… blah blah

Song/s: la eh

Sport: volley, badminton, sopbol, swimming

Ice cream flavor: cookies n cream

Magazine: nah

Day of the week : Friday amd wednesday (not bcoz of clubs! == PE!)

Color: red


Like to walk in the rain: Yeah

Prefer black or blue pens?: Black

Like to travel?: Yesh

Sleep on your side, tummy or back?: depends


Into any relationship?: Nope.

Outgoing/Anti Social: mejo-mejo

Big Eater: Depends :p