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new hope!

just started reading ‘purpose driven life’ by rick warren.. (my dad even told us na iisa lng c mr. warren and our senior pastor in the church.. i quite disagree though)..it makes sense.. especially the first chapter which has the point to ponder: it’s not about me.. and it’s true… what am i here for? defnitely not to spend your lifetime fulfilling self-centered goals. i learned, from that chapter, that to have a good prosperous life, don’t start by asking yourself, what do YOU want? but rather… what GOD wants. makes sense dba… it’s nice.

haayyy… yesterday.. i started making my homeworks at an early time of 6:30 pm.. (well for me that’s too early to start ur homeworks.. XD)…and i finished at around 8:30 pm… i like that!!… then… i continued playing RPG!!! ^__^ up to sawa!

hmm… haayyy… i h8 our balitaan… we got a low low score of 88… -_-… and i still think the judgement is unfair. i mean… why does the STUDENTS give us OUR grade… it should be the teacher doing that right? and hello! when the first group performed… they got a low low score and they were given a SECOND CHANCE!.. what’s more.. she, our teacher, told them they’re gonna do it again AFTER ALL the gorups has presented… unfair!! super!! dapat kaya.. cla muna bago mag proceed sa iba.. palibhasa… di nya matanggap na ung leader ay hindi maxadong prepared nung balitaan, which is so unlike her….ang unfair.. super… tapos we’ll get the lowest score! whattaboouutt??!!!!?!?!?!?!!!

and FUCK! how could they grade 34/35 sa relevance nung news e puro gawa gawa lng ung news nila… i’m not naming names.. mind you. and if u must know.. i’m a damn backstabber…