A very personal blog

i think i just fancy updating a lot…

oh.. look at that.. i haven’t opened a single notebook to prepare for the quarterly test…-_- lalalala… haha… posting tolerance should be required of me whenever i change my layout… haha… and it’s actually fun to create and create new layouts… hihi… i wonder.. when am i going to get my own miscrosoft frontpage and adobe photoshop??? and my own PC??!?!?

grrr… malapit na magpasko.. i wish people would give me kahit isa lng dito:

1. a PC

– pentium 4

– with colored printer and flatbed scanner

– win OS – XP

– cguro mas ok kung flat screen sha…

– 40 gb RAM!

– may modem

2. a discman

– gusto ko orig! as in sony or philips or something..

– may fm at mp3 player

3. adobe photoshop installer

4. MS frontpage installer (i’m sick and tired of doing layouts in notepad!!! grrr…)

5. new rubbershoes

6. new wardrobe

7. a lot of RPG games… uh… don’t include ragnarok and the sims please…

haha.. i know.. it’s no use posting it here… sobrang demanding noh? as if my mabait dyn na magbi2gay sakin ng mga yan! haaayy… i need a miracle… kelangan ko ng maraming pera.. ngayon na!


i love music.. but because of poverty… i resort to illegal production of music… burning! muhahahaha… and now.. i have to suffer.. b/c our laptop has been infected by a virus and i can’t open my kazaa…which means… i can’t even burn… -_-

haayy… bwiset na trigo yan… our teacher gave us over a hundred problems to answer!!!! all to be passed b4 the exams.. w/c is NEXT WEEK! f*ck!

ay… wala lng…sobrang nakukyutan lng ako sa wallpaper ng phone ko… pinicturan ko ung dlwa kong stufftoy.. i made them look like kissing each other… sobrang cute!!! grabe… hehe

onga pla… i sooo like alicia keys! ang galing nya kasi mag piano eh.. idoL! pati voice… ok lng pero mas gusto ko ung piano skills nya…

nuff said… bye