A very personal blog

i want to change my layout into something dark. something really dark, bloody, but not gore-ish and morbid.. something to suit the bg music (‘hikari’) i found… that’s that bg msc. of our ppt presentation in english. anyway…

i’m xited for tomorrow monday..and wednesday! kasi clarisse and i.. being our class’s rep for the scrapbox making contest (by teams) will not join our outreach tomorrow, instead.. we’ll be doing the scrapbox for the WHOLE DAY. w/c means no classes for us.. anyway.. la nman tlga classes ng half day ksi outreach tapos.. c.l. and pinoi lng nman ang mamimiss ko.. tapos sa WEDNESDAY… wala ako half-day. yey! la lng.. eh kasi may html contest thing sa claret. partners kami ni ding. haha.. saya.. sna manalo. un na nga lang asset ko eh. hehe…mas masaya kung may quizzes sa morning. at least i have a chance to get perfect coz of the exemption thing. (i dun wanna sound proud.-_-)… eh yun lng naman.. hehe

haaayyy… la na kong inspirasyon… grr… sana kasi punta na ulit c tony dito.. para di na ko sad. para sundan ko ulit sha.. para makita ko ulit. para buo na ang mundo ko. hehe