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i had a dream

a couple of nights ago.. i had a dreamm.. yah just like what it says in the title… but this dream is.. um… different? i’ve posted this is in my older journal and i just want to share it for the second time… hehehe…

it’s soooo romantic!!! haha… ok ok.. i won’t share na lng.. ^^; i’m getting lazy… and sleepy.. *zzz*

oi! anywayz.. i’m trying my best to make this template look cool… but hell… i like black…-.-…

the real reason why i decided to move to another blog is because of that webby sidebar… ^^; i would like to put in my links there…some of my loathes and fancies and a couple of sidebar things… which i can’t put in blurty.. no matter how hard i butt in several codes.

but hopefully.. if i don’t get satisfied with blogspot.. i’ll move in again… ^^; hehe.. i know it’s not adviceable [advisable? advicable?.. i suck in spellings].. but it’s part of human nature not to become easily satisfied… well… pardon me if i keep on directing you to another another another another site… just keep up.

um.. hmm… i hope classes will start soon… coz it’s really boring here… our ‘old’ maid just got home [not old maid.. but OLD as in luma hndi matanda.] and just days before we were mad at her bcoz my uncle seems to have a bad time figuring out how they will meet… not meet for some serious affair.. just meet for business purposes… [where’d i get that?o.O]

and uhm… a while ago… yeah.. i went to school and to greenhills… is it a shame that it’s just my second time to step there? and we just actually passed by… not dropped by… and me and my sister we’re like promdis on the way… screaming on the sight of those handsome models on the billboard, fascinated with lots of tall skyscrapers [scrapers? capers?.. here i go again…-.-] and opening the window to see those cameras taping the rally in qc memorial circle… and in the process turning in to realize.. it’s live! we’re gonna be seen on tv! but still.. we’re too far to be seen.. or better yet discovered.. LMAO!!! ang kapaaaallll!!

what am i doing?

…pathetic [patethic? phatetic? arrgghh!] little me.