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Month: July 2024

  • An unexpected enjoyment

    An unexpected enjoyment

    Walking around BGC when it just rained hits different. I’ve never walked in BGC after a rain. Generally, I hate walking outside when it just rained. It’s humid, it’s slippery, it could rain again, air gets filled with sweat, it stinks, etc. There are so many things I hate about the prospect so I just…

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  • Hey Monday

    Another Monday, another RTO day! Went to the office earlier than usual to attend an onsite event. Thankful to get a parking slot in the building. Curious about what’s gonna happen by August when a lot of people are gonna come back to the office. As I’ve heard, those who were given conditional WFH arrangements…

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  • My brain is fried

    Oh man I’ve been working the entire day. I thought it would be easy to do prod testing and UAT on two different projects in one day but I forgot how deathly exhausting TESTING can be. I thought I’d be able to turn over all of my projects back to my clients for testing but…

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  • Today

    I’ve had 3 coffees at this point. Brewed coffee from last night that I added milk to in the morning, hot brewed coffee earlier at dinner, and iced brewed coffee with milk right after dinner to go with my chocolates for dessert. I was excited to come to the office today. I had plans of…

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  • Getting our new car: a timeline

    Getting our new car: a timeline

    May 6 – Got in touch with a Toyota BGC agent; applied for auto loans online (BPI, Metrobank, Security Bank) May 7 – Applied personally at BPI May 9 – Approved with BPI for 31.01%. Pretty high. May 9 – Applied online at BDO and RCBC May 14 – Got in touch with RCBC, was…

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