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I’m just here waiting anxiously for one of my automations to kick off. Then I can finally start working on my other task haha. Do you get how I feel? Like I can’t start anything else if I’m anxious about something to finish haha.

Oh wait it’s done. All good! Now let’s work…

I just really came to the office to print stuff haha our manager said she’ll be lax with our RTO compliance until August because it’s pretty full in the office most days and Mondays and Fridays are the only days where we can PROBABLY get seats.

I prefer coming to work on Mondays because there’s less traffic and less people in the office so there’s a high chance I can park in the building. But lately, some Mondays have been blocked off by other teams, meaning they somehow flood the office, take all the seats, and tell us to fuck off. No, I mean our managers will talk and then we’ll get bullied us into coming some other day. No sorry that’s not what’s happening haha I’m just being dramatic.

And that sucks. At least for me, because I like Mondays. And I also don’t like compromising that way. They’re messing up our RTO compliance. Which I don’t really care about but hey coming to the office gets me paid more hehe. But really, it’s because we can’t assert our asses on our seats that gets me mad.

Anyway, we’ll see in August.