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Month: March 2024

  • Eggs Royale

    I have a new favorite at Mary Grace. It used to be Vigan Longganisa, then a couple of weeks ago I really came to love their Salmon with creamy dill sauce and couscous rice. I had it twice that week. But the serving is too much. I couldn’t enjoy dessert afterwards so I tried something…

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  • Happy Friday

    #1 Went to the auto shop earlier to have the car assessed after getting into a minor accident last week. My husband accidentally hit a post while backing up from my sister’s condo’s driveway. It’s nice to finally take a step towards getting the car fixed. I mean the real first step was calling insurance…

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  • Life Lately

    Reading Still A Little Life. Slowly starting to like it. I promised to read every night before going to bed and so far that’s been helpful in getting out of the slump. Watching Still Crash Course in Romance. It’s fun, but not so kilig which is why I haven’t finished it yet haha. Listening The…

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  • Life Lately

    Ever since I said I’ll write in the format of The Sunday Currently every Monday when I’m on RTO, something always gets in the way of me writing on a Monday haha. I was on vacation leave last last Monday, and yesterday I was on sick leave so I wasn’t able to blog at all.…

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  • Today to the tune of The Sunday Currently

    I used to write a series called The Sunday Currently almost a decade ago and realized why don’t I do it every Monday or whenever I’m in the office doing nothing? Yeah so that’s what I’m hoping to do from now on… cos you know, I’ve been looking for a proper format for my regular…

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